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Stockholm and beyond

Leaving land for the waves of the baltic

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Later Friday afternoon we were planning on meeting the rest of our group. The call came as we were finishing lunch the sun had also begun to peek out and the temperature increased to a pleasant 16 degrees celsius. We were joined by Daryll and Laura, for the under the bridges tour. We took the boat ride that guided us under 13 bridges in the Stockholm area providing a good overview to the layout of the city. During the tour we witnessed how their lock system works, saw exclusive real estate and enjoyed our time together. By the time the tour was over and we had taken a stroll through the Gamla Stan area of Stockholm it was time to find some dinner.

Our friend Klaus had told us about a great restaurant. We ate at Magnus Ladulas, a restaurant built in a cave. The inside was very unique and packed full of locals. We ate in the bar area so that all six of us could be together, we had the area all to ourselves for the meal. It was a nice time for us all to come together. The food was as good as the ambiance. Venison, lamb, wild game and more, all was delicious and we were extremely satified with our dishes.

Our next day began with rain. We woke several times to the rain as well. We had to do a little changing on our itinerary. We started at the Royal Armory and after viewing numerous sets of armor and hearing the history of the royal family, it was time to head to the Vasa Museum. We got to see the ship that was under the water for 333 years before it was pulled up. You can read all about the Vasa at their website. As we left the museum, the rain continued to poor and after walking half a kilometer, we felt as though we had been underwater for a long time as well.

We walked around town and the rain did not let up. After getting soaked we headed to a cafe by the opera house.

Our final full day in port we went to Skansen. The weather was very cloudy, but no rain. All the buildings from the 1800’s were transferred to this area. We walked around to view the history of Sweden. There was also a zoo on the grounds. With the weather being so nice, almost all the animals were out to greet us.

At 2 p.m., we were finally able to board the boat. Our journey has officialy begun. Our ship was as big as the excitement building up for our trip.

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Getting there is half the battle

The journey begins

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View Baltic Capital Cities on darrenesl's travel map.

International flights can be great, terrible, or sometimes a grind. Traveling from LAX to Arlanda just outside of Stockholm proved to be a combiarland nation of all three. Norwegian Airlines and their new 787 Dreamliner planes are the great. Travelling from LAX to Oslo throughout the night and on to Arlanda proved to be the grind. The terrible was the girl who sitting immediately behind us ran to the bathroom right before takeoff for a session of violent vomiting.


After a log 12 hours of traveling, we arrived to a rainy welcome in Sweden. A quick Uber ride got us downtown to Norrmalm. We checked into our quaint, well situated accomodations with very friendly staff. Located within easy walking distance to Gamla Stan, Centra Station and many other attractions, the Best Western Kom Hotel provided a welcome relief from the journey. By the time we checked into our room, it was nearing 7p.m. With sunset not arriving until 10:30 p.m., we decuded to find some dinner before calling it a day. Planning to head into the Old Town area, we began journying down a main road to the city center. After a couple of blocks we stumbled upon a mongolian BBQ and the decision was made to stop, eat and begin our real Swedish experience in the morning. The trek had taken more of a toll on us than we realized. Returning to our rooms at 10pm, we fell asleep as soon as our heads were on our pillows.


After an amazing breakfast provided by the hotel, we began our morning off with a walk to city hall. The breakfast included all the items needed to start your day right. Meats, cheese, fruits, yogurt and all the traditional european breakfast items were included with a couple of American staples to round it out. A light drizzle was in the air as we headed toward city hall and the tower. Featuring more than eight million bricks, the buiding is topped with an observation point providing one of the best views of the city and surrounding areas. Flanked by water on two-sides, the city hall allowed a good opportunity for photos, orienting oneself to the city and beginning the Stockholm experience. At times the drizzle fought to become rain, but the view from the top of the tower and the exertion from climping to the top, made up for the weather and warmed us up from the elements. To prevent congestion a limited number of visitors are allowed up to the top at a time, and the trip is timed so that others can enjoy the tower as well.

90_File_000-3.jpeg File_000.jpeg

After viewing the city, we headed into the old town and Gamla Stan. Similar to most "old towns" found in european cities, Stockholm's is no different with numerous churches, cafes, souvenier shops and a Royal Palace calling visitors in to share all that there is to offer. Eventually we ended up at the Royal Palace where a stunning chapel designed with frescos on the roof and a great pipe organ is open to the public. From there it was time to view the changing of the guard. Sweden, whose military is stocked with young people required to give one year of service to the military has one of the best changing of the guard ceremonies. A band of soldiers riding in on stunning chestnut and white horses dazzled the crowds with music and showmanship, while the guards marched in and relieved each other. Highlights of the ceremony were almost outshined by the guards maintaing order over some unruly tourists. Watching the guards physically lift up and move some ladies that were not listening to them brought a chuckle from the assembled crowd who were obeying the guards orders.



Once the parade and changing of the guard was complete it was time to find lunch. We chose the Stadismission for a meal that was satisfying and provided funding for Sweden's needy population. For a great price we were able to get a meal with salad and coffee included. Upon exiting, the sun had burst through the clouds brightening the day.

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Starting Planning in Sweden and Finland

A look at the planning process for the first leg of our journey.

View Baltic Capital Cities on darrenesl's travel map.

Here is a look at the Baltic Capitals itinerary.

Date Port/City Activity
Day 1 Stockholm, Sweden => Docked All Day
Day 2 Stockholm, Sweden => Docked - Depart at 3:00PM
Day 3 Helsinki, Finland => Dock at 10:00AM - Depart at 5:00PM
Day 4 St. Petersburg, Russia => Dock at 7:00AM
Day 5 St. Petersburg, Russia => Docked All day
Day 6 St. Petersburg, Russia =>Docked - Depart at 6:00PM
Day 7 Muuga (Tallinn), Estonia => Dock at 7:00AM - Depart at 5:00PM
Day 8 At Sea
Day 9 Warnemunde, Germany => Dock at 7:00AM - Depart at 9:30PM
Day 10 Copenhagen, Denmark => Dock at 12:00PM
Day 11 Copenhagen, Denmark => Docked - Depart at 3:00PM
Day 12 At Sea
Day 13 Amsterdam, Netherlands => Dock at 6:00AM

On the Baltic Capitals cruise you can expect a very port intensive cruise. That fits our travel style perfectly. When traveling overseas, Terri and I prefer to take night trains in order to maximize our travel time and have the daytime available to dig into the local culture and sights. While we enjoy going 100% while on vacation, many others do not and that is what helps make a cruise a good option for a multiple couples. Each couple can decide what they want to do while in port, or if they even want to leave the ship on a certain day or not.


We have decided to travel to Stockholm on the Thursday before our ship is scheduled to board. Once we board the ship, it will be treated as a hotel until Monday when we depart at 1500. One of the tricks that we discovered in our planning was that if you purchase your accommodations in Stockholm during the down season, 6 – 9 months before the date we will be staying, we were able to get half-priced lodging compared to pricing 90 days or less prior to travel. However, for those that may want to avoid the hotels, www.AirBnB.com has a good number of deals available in Stockholm. We chose to stay at the Best Western KOM hotel due to its proximity to the central train station and Gamla Stan.

For touring Stockholm, we will be using suggestions from friends and as always Rick Steves and his Northern European Cruise Ports guidebook. In addition to the guidebook, Rick offers an app for both iOS and Android platforms called Rick Steves Audio Europe. With this app you can listen to history and interviews prior to your trip, but the best feature is the ability to download “audio walking tours” for several cities throughout Europe. These are downloaded so they do not use data or cellular service, only a bit of your battery is used to play these. I would also recommend a Y-splitter and two pairs of headphones so that you can share it with your traveling companion.


One of the issues with Stockholm is the distance from Arlanda airport to the city center. If you are a solo traveler or couple, two great options are the Arlanda Express (you can pre order discount tickets) or the local bus will take you into town if you don’t mind taking your luggage on a metro bus. If you have four people, a better route to go is to use Uber to get a comfortable ride while meeting a local. Since the Cruise is departing from Frihamnen. The same thing is true when it comes to heading to the ship, Uber is a better value and more convenient than a taxi.

Some of the must see activiites in Stockholm that are on the list include:

  • Vasa Museum, a Swedish warship built between 1626 and 1628. The ship foundered and sank after sailing about 1,300 m (1,400 yd) into her maiden voyage on 10 August 1628.
  • Skansen the world's first open-air museum, founded in 1891. Here you can stroll through five centuries of Swedish history, from north to south, with a real sense of the past all around in the histori­cal buildings and dwellings, peop­led by characters in period dress.
  • The famous changing of The Royal Guard at the Royal Castle
  • Gamla Stan
  • And several other great sites

Finland will be a short stop. Considering there is only on day in port, the best bet seems to be a city walking tour. There are some really good resources online, some on CruiseCritic.com that local Helsinki residents have put together and once again, Rick Steves has a great walk in his materials as well. Because we like to get into with the local culture and also love food, we are looking at supplementing the walking tour with a stop at a world renowned restaurant serving Finnish Tapas styled dishes.


As you can see, these cities are both very walk-able and public transit friendly. That is one of the great things about this cruise’s itinerary. However, once you get to Russia, things change up a little bit. Due to the visa requirements for Russia, it is much more convenient to take an organized tour.
Our next posting will share our thoughts on choosing a tour company and navigating the travel planning for Russia.

Do you have any tips or experience in these areas? We’d love to hear your comments, share them with us below.

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